china erw line pipe erw line pipe manufacturers

china erw line pipe erw line pipe manufacturers


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 · Translate this pageFounder CEB 2.50U k÷W ¶X bX rX @ ²X "Ñ)H¸õj(¬/g ÁÛ& ?Õ¼,Ó nqÊrwW ó'ÐL Oâæõ¨IMkÛéëïjN¹ú Dº=Ëï G ÚÖØ~ò ½5nfë Brunei, China sign carbon steel pipe project _ Qiushi JournalSeveral other projects are also in the pipeline. When completed, all these projects will be able to provide about 2,000 jobs for Bruneians. Signing on behalf of the BEDB was Dr. Haji Abdul Manaf, deputy permanent secretary at the Prime Minister's office and chief executive officer of BEDB while Huludao was represented by its Chairman Song Shuxin.


 · Web viewElectric Resistance Welding (ERW) Square Sides from 1/2 x 1/2 up to 100x100 mm, or equivalent measures Rectangular Sides from 1/2 x 1 ½ up to 150x50 mm, or equivalent measures *The dimensions in this chart refer to inches and millimeters, and are subject to technical tolerance in the manufacturing of the product. [DOC] · Web viewERW pipes and hollow sections under production specification as per GOST8645-68 / GOST 8639-82 / COST 10704-91 / GOST 3262-75 / EN 10219 / EN 10305-5 made of mild steel like S235GR (Steel Grade 1-3PS as per GOST380-2005), size range:Round OD10 mm thru OD70 mm; Square Section 15x15 mm thru 50x50 mm; Rectangular Section 20x30 mm thru 40x60 mm


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 · Translate this pageFounder CEB 2.50U k¼¸ {¹ '¹ 7¹ @ w¹ "Ñ)H¸õj+­/g ÁÛ& ?Õ¼,Ó nqÉqwW ó'ÐL Oâæõ¨IMkÛéëïjN¹ú Dº=Ëï G Ú®Ø ½ A Company Reborn - China TodayIn 2007, they produced 2,032 tons of ERW (electric resistance welding) special pipes and processed 3,050 tons of casings.     The Shenggong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in hoisting equipment and has continuously upgraded its products.

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